Lighthouses of Maryland & Virginia

History, Mystery, Legends and Lore

by Bob Trapani, Jr.

Lighthouse historian and storyteller Bob Trapani spotlights Maryland and Virginia lighthouses-through stories of shipwrecks, Civil War ghosts, heroism, disasters and ice storms, as well as dedication, romance and murder.

Modern and historic photographs, plus comments from lighthouse preservationist, add detail and insight about the challenges associated with these mid-Atlantic coastal treasures that remain an important part of the region's history, mystery and lore.

Published June 2006 by: Myst & Lace Publishers, Inc.

Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.

Book Excerpt:

"For all the calamities that could befall a lighthouse and its keepers, being caught in the line of military fire was not a typical concern--that was until one fateful night on February 19, 1957, which forever altered the long-term future of Holland Island Bar Lighthouse."

- Excerpt from Holland Bar Island Lighthouse chapter,
Lighthouses of Maryland & Virginia


Lighthouses Featured:

Maryland - Bloody Point, Concord Point, Great Shoals, Holland Island Bar, Point Lookout, Seven Foot Knoll, Sharkfin Shoal, Sharps Island, Thomas Point Shoal, Turkey Point.

Virginia - Assateague, Back River, Cape Henry, Killock Shoal, Lambert's Point, Smith Point, Thimble Shoal, Wolf Trap, York Spit.

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Lighthouses of MD & VA

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