Lighthouses of New Jersey & Delaware

History, Mystery, Legends and Lore

by Bob Trapani, Jr.

Shipwrecks and suicides, storms and fires, invasions of beetles and cats—and even a ghost story or two—are captured in this coastal history spotlighting 10 New Jersey and 10 Delaware lighthouses. The featured beacons range from Sandy Hook to Cape May in New Jersey and from Fenwick Island in Delaware and throughout the Delaware Bay.

Through stories and 55 modern and vintage photographs, learn the surprising events that occurred in and around these silent sentinels, that are an important part of the mid-Atlantic region's history and lore.

Published March 2005 by: Myst & Lace Publishers, Inc.

Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse
Photo by Bob Trapani, Jr.

Book Excerpt:

"Throughout this horrific experience, Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse continued to send out a bright light and sound its bellowing fog signal through the elements, but the warnings were useless to the Mary Rogers, which was smashed against the razor-sharp breakwater wall against its will."  

- Excerpt from Holland Bar Island Lighthouse chapter,
Lighthouses of Maryland & Virginia

Lighthouses Featured:

New Jersey - Sandy Hook, Cape May, Miah Maull Shoal, Barnegat, Hereford Inlet, Elbow of Cross Ledge, Ship John Shoal, Brandywine Shoal, Cross Ledge, Tucker's Beach.

Delaware - Harbor of Refuge, Fourteen Foot Bank, Port Mahon, Liston Range Front, Fenwick Island, Mispillion, Cape Henlopen, Cape Henlopen Beacon, Delaware Breakwater East End, Delaware Breakwater West End.


"As the title suggests, Trapani leaves aside the brick and mortar history of each lighthouse – except where it works into his theme – and instead delights readers with human tales in his unique and wonderfully descriptive style. The author’s intimate knowledge of lighthouse optics and of the region he describes shine through."

- Wreck & Rescue, U.S. Life-Saving Service Heritage Association
(May 2006)

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Lighthouses of New Jersey & Delaware

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